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volunteer with us

Get involved by volunteering at our studio and events and experience an excellent way of gaining new skills and hands on experience.

with us

Join us in weaving stronger connections and relationships  within our local community

pay it forward

Your gift supports our community in 'sew' many ways

Volunteer With Us


We are looking for some amazing people who want to support creativity in the community and help sewing and textiles skills be available and accessible for the community in Medway.

What we can give:

  • A fun creative space to volunteer.

  • An opportunity to give creativity back to our local area.

  • Meeting creative people & being part of our community.

  • Developing new skills both creatively and help run a creative studio.

  • To be involved in small & large local art projects & productions.

  • Access to craft tools & equipment such as sewing machines.

  • A large creative space to craft while you volunteer!

The volunteer roles we offer will develop and grow as we do, and further opportunities may come from volunteering with us. The main role will be assisting in the following:


  • Classroom Activities

  • Office / Computer Work

  • Sorting of Donated Goods

  • Sewing Machine Repairs/Maintenance

  • Fundraising

  • Special Functions

  • Community Outreach Projects (Face Masks, Pillowcases, Fleece Hats, and many more!)

  • Whatever is Needed! 

To register your interest to become a volunteer, please fill out our  Volunteering Form.

Collaborate With Us


The Sew In Group CIC is dedicated to expanding its reach and continuing to provide enriching experiences in sewing and textiles to more people. We are actively seeking partnerships with local organisations and schools to integrate these arts into regular educational activities, supporting academic growth and creative expression. The positive feedback from students, parents, and school staff from pur in=scholl clubs continues to drive our passion and commitment to making textile arts an accessible and enjoyable pursuit for everyone involved. If you'd like to discuss a project or collaboration or enquire about hiring the Sew in Kent studio, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.


pay it forward scheme

We believe in making sewing & textile arts education more accessible so we have created a community fund.

Our "Pay it Forward" scheme aims to provide free or subsidised spaces in our sewing classes and workshops to individuals from low-income backgrounds. Through this initiative, we hope to make sewing education more accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of financial constraints.

How it works:
1. Community Support: We rely on the support of our generous community members and sponsors to fund the "Pay it Forward" scheme.
2. Application Process: Individuals who wish to participate can apply for a free or subsidised space in our classes by providing information about their financial situation and why they would benefit from the opportunity.

3. Selection Process: Our team carefully reviews each application and selects candidates based on their financial need and their commitment to learning and participating in our sewing programmes.

4. Allocation of Spaces: Once selected, participants are allocated spaces in our classes or workshops free of charge or at a reduced rate, depending on the level of subsidy available.

5. Feedback and Impact: We encourage participants to provide feedback on their experience and the impact of the programme on their lives. This helps us continuously improve and expand the reach of the scheme.

By offering free or subsidised spaces through our "Pay it Forward" scheme, we aim to break down barriers to participation and create opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to explore their creativity and develop valuable skills in sewing and textile crafts.

If you're interested in supporting or participating in our "Pay it Forward" scheme, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in our community who need it most.

pay it forward


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